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Silicon Labs' new clock solution simplifies IEEE 1588 system integration.

11月 20, 2020


The highly integrated module combines PTP hardware and software and provides powerful configuration functions of the ClockBuilderPro software.

Beijing, China-November 18, 2020-SiliconLabs (also known as "Silicon Technology", NASDAQ: SLAB), a leading supplier of chips, software and solutions, has launched a new and complete solution designed to simplify the implementation of IEEE1588. Satisfy applications in communications, smart grids, financial transactions and industry. By combining PTP profile selection, PTP network configuration, and physical layer clock/port configuration in a single, unified software utility, SiliconLabs' industry-leading multifunctional software tool ClockBuilderProTM can help designers accelerate the development of IEEE1588 system integration.

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James Wilson, General Manager of SiliconLabs Clock Products, said: "SiliconLabs is committed to providing the industry with simple solutions to accelerate the implementation of IEEE1588. The support of our IEEE1588 module through ClockBuilderPro software can help customers shorten time to market while overcoming less integrated solutions. System design challenges coming."

The adoption of IEEE1588 packet-based clocks is no longer limited to the field of communication networks, but has entered more and more extensive emerging applications. In these emerging applications, system designers may have limited experience in clock and synchronization. A key design challenge facing engineers is to optimize IEEE1588 system-level performance, which is affected by both board-level hardware/software design and network impairments (such as changes in packet delay caused by changes in traffic load).

By integrating PTP configuration file selection, clock/port programming and simple control of SiliconLabsAccuTImeTM IEEE1588 software, SiliconLabs' ClockBuilderPro software provides a powerful and reliable solution for various network conditions and topology configuration operations. The SiliconLabs IEEE1588 module meets the standard requirements of telecommunications (G.8265.1, G.8275.1 and G.8275.2), power supply (IEEEC37.238-2011 and 2017), broadcast video (SMPTE2059.2) and default profile, and also meets ITU-TG. 8261, G.8273.2 (T-BC, T-TSC), G.8273.4 (T-BC-P and T-TSC-P), G.8262, G.812, G.813 and Telcordia GR-1244-CORE/ The strict requirements for clock and synchronization in GR-253-CORE.